To a lot of people in the Amsterdam dance-scene this dj-collab is probably an obvious one. Two absolute house lovers, combining their talents in order to enrich the world of true party people; Jack & Riche are here !

JACK LE FREAK has been around for ages. With the likes of (amongst others) Afrojack, Sandro Silva, Biggi etc. Jack always ensures an absolute stir on the dancefloor, playing his clubby/latin style of music. This dj and producer is resident at the famous Van Dyck Bar, Amsterdam; winner of the 2015 Nightlife Award.

RICHEYARD is probably the best known person in the Dutch house-scene. After years of working behind the curtains, a few years ago he decided to fill the gap as a dj. Celebrated for his excellent choice of tracks, this man causes positive mayhem on the (international) dancefloors.

Pumping beats, deep basslines, sexy vocals and some latin spice are the ingredients of the uplifting set Jack & Riche have to offer. Where the boys go hard, the girls sway.
‘See you all at the decks’